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    Switch upstream to Grid Community Toolkit · e0541203
    Mattias Ellert authored
    Grid Community Toolkit merged a number of outstanding pull requests (7.0)
    - Add option to send IPv6 address in EPSV response
    - Add function to get the command string
    - Terminate the connection if server fails to write the 220 banner
    - Fix typo in GridFTP server response type
    First Grid Community Toolkit release (7.1)
    Merge GT6 update 6.2 into GCT (7.2)
    Merge GT6 update 6.3 into GCT (7.3)
    Merge GT6 update 7.0 into GCT (8.0)
    Drop patches globus-gridftp-server-control-epsv-ip.patch,
    -cmd-string.patch and -tcp-rst-stuck.patch (accepted upstream)
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