Commit 00283ae6 authored by Jason Blevins's avatar Jason Blevins

Prevent spurious Deft browser refreshes

Factor out the window-change-configuration function.

Add the window-change-configuration function in `deft-mode`,
so that it doesn't run before the buffer is first initialized.

Append the function to the hook so that it runs last, in case other
hooks change the buffer width.  This seems to fix an issue with
parent f0e606b6
......@@ -1084,11 +1084,16 @@ Case is ignored."
(propertize "Deft" 'face 'deft-header-face)))
(widget-insert "\n\n"))
(defun deft-current-window-width ()
"Return current width of window displaying `deft-buffer'."
(let ((window (get-buffer-window deft-buffer)))
(when window (window-text-width window))))
(defun deft-buffer-setup (&optional refresh)
"Render the file browser in the *Deft* buffer.
When REFRESH is true, attempt to restore the point afterwards."
(let ((orig-point (point)))
(setq deft-window-width (window-width))
(setq deft-window-width (deft-current-window-width))
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
......@@ -1152,11 +1157,11 @@ handles nil values gracefully."
(widget-insert (propertize mtime 'face 'deft-time-face)))
(widget-insert "\n"))))
(add-hook 'window-configuration-change-hook
(lambda ()
(when (and (eq (current-buffer) (get-buffer deft-buffer))
(not (eq deft-window-width (window-width))))
(deft-buffer-setup t))))
(defun deft-window-configuration-change-function ()
"Refresh Deft browser when there is a change in window size."
(when (and (eq (current-buffer) (get-buffer deft-buffer))
(not (eq deft-window-width (deft-current-window-width))))
(defun deft-refresh ()
"Update the file cache, reapply the filter, and refresh the *Deft* buffer."
......@@ -1642,6 +1647,8 @@ Turning on `deft-mode' runs the hook `deft-mode-hook'.
(setq major-mode 'deft-mode)
(add-hook 'window-configuration-change-hook
'deft-window-configuration-change-function t)
(when (> deft-auto-save-interval 0)
(run-with-idle-timer deft-auto-save-interval t 'deft-auto-save))
(run-mode-hooks 'deft-mode-hook)
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