Commit 981dd9a2 authored by Jason Blevins's avatar Jason Blevins

Reduce summary line width when there is no fringe

It turns out the issue was not console mode per se, but the absence of a
fringe. In graphical mode, the fringe effectively absorbs the newline
allowing us to use the entire width. In console mode, or when fringe
mode is disabled, we need to add the one-character offset.

This should remove the need for the custom deft-width-offset variable,
so it has been marked as obsolete.
parent 6d4cbc51
......@@ -831,17 +831,11 @@ Available methods are 'mtime and 'title.")
(defvar deft-default-extension (copy-sequence (car deft-extensions))
"Default file extension of newly created files.")
(defvar deft-width-offset (if (display-graphic-p) 0 1)
"Number of characters of width to trim relative to `window-width'.
Defaults to 1 in console mode and 0 in graphical mode. This
variable may be changed if for some reason the default
calculation results in line wrap in the Deft browser window.
Setting this to a positive value decreases the summary line width
by that amount.")
(defvar deft-pending-updates nil
"Indicator of pending updates due to automatic saves, etc.")
(make-obsolete-variable 'deft-width-offset nil "v0.8")
;; Keymap definition
(defvar deft-mode-map
......@@ -1157,9 +1151,13 @@ Case is ignored."
(widget-insert "\n\n"))
(defun deft-current-window-width ()
"Return current width of window displaying `deft-buffer'."
(let ((window (get-buffer-window deft-buffer)))
(when window (window-text-width window))))
"Return current width of window displaying `deft-buffer'.
If the frame has a fringe, it will absorb the newline.
Otherwise, we reduce the line length by a one-character offset."
(let* ((window (get-buffer-window deft-buffer))
(offset (if (> (frame-fringe-width) 0) 0 1)))
(when window
(- (window-text-width window) offset))))
(defun deft-buffer-setup (&optional refresh)
"Render the file browser in the *Deft* buffer.
......@@ -1206,7 +1204,7 @@ handles nil values gracefully."
(mtime (when deft-time-format
(format-time-string deft-time-format (deft-file-mtime file))))
(mtime-width (deft-string-width mtime))
(line-width (- deft-window-width mtime-width deft-width-offset))
(line-width (- deft-window-width mtime-width))
(title-width (min line-width (deft-string-width title)))
(summary-width (min (deft-string-width summary)
(- line-width
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