Commit b7602841 authored by Jason Blevins's avatar Jason Blevins

Lazily update the Deft buffer after saving files

When a Deft note is saved, if the Deft buffer is not visible, then
postpone the (potentially costly) filter refresh until later.  This
reduces the number of such background updates that occur while editing
files, especially when the files are being saved automatically.
parent 5dfeaec4
......@@ -796,6 +796,9 @@ calculation results in line wrap in the Deft browser window.
Setting this to a positive value decreases the summary line width
by that amount.")
(defvar deft-pending-updates nil
"Indicator of pending updates due to automatic saves, etc.")
;; Keymap definition
(defvar deft-mode-map
......@@ -1110,6 +1113,7 @@ When REFRESH is true, attempt to restore the point afterwards."
(use-local-map deft-mode-map)
(setq deft-pending-updates nil)
(if refresh
(goto-char orig-point)
(goto-char 1)
......@@ -1164,11 +1168,13 @@ handles nil values gracefully."
(defun deft-window-size-change-function (frame)
"Possibly refresh Deft buffer when size of a window in FRAME is changed.
Check to see that some window is displaying the Deft buffer and that
the width has actually changed."
If there are pending updates, refresh the filtered files list and
update the Deft browser. Otherwise, if the window width changed,
only update the Deft browser."
(when (deft-buffer-visible-p)
(unless (eq deft-window-width (deft-current-window-width))
(cond (deft-pending-updates (deft-refresh-filter))
((/= deft-window-width (deft-current-window-width))
(defun deft-window-configuration-change-function ()
"Possibly refresh Deft browser when window configuration is changed."
......@@ -1265,7 +1271,9 @@ FILE must be a relative or absolute path, with extension."
(add-hook 'after-save-hook
(lambda () (save-excursion
(deft-cache-update-file buffer-file-name)
(if (deft-buffer-visible-p)
(setq deft-pending-updates t))))
nil t))
(run-hooks 'deft-open-file-hook)
(if other
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