Commit 0d742b00 authored by Ola Nilsson's avatar Ola Nilsson Committed by Jorgen Schäfer

Set failure-description for pending specs

The status slot in buttercup-suite-or-spec is set ahead of time for
pending (not skipped) specs.  This meant that the failure-description
and failure-stack of pending specs were never set in
buttercup--update-with-funcall.  This in turn meant that the output of
pending specs was

    a pending spec

rather than

    a pending spec  PENDING

which it should have been.

The failure-stack will still always be nil for pending specs.
parent 079ef3e4
......@@ -1394,6 +1394,9 @@ Do not change the global value.")
(kill-buffer buttercup-warning-buffer-name))))
(defun buttercup--update-with-funcall (suite-or-spec function &rest args)
"Update SUITE-OR-SPEC with the result of calling FUNCTION with ARGS.
Sets the `status', `failure-description', and `failure-stack' for
failed and pending specs."
(let* ((result (apply 'buttercup--funcall function args))
(status (elt result 0))
(description (elt result 1))
......@@ -1405,8 +1408,8 @@ Do not change the global value.")
(`(error (buttercup-pending . ,pending-description))
(setq status 'pending
description pending-description))))
(when (eq (buttercup-suite-or-spec-status suite-or-spec)
(when (memq (buttercup-suite-or-spec-status suite-or-spec)
'(passed pending))
(setf (buttercup-suite-or-spec-status suite-or-spec) status
(buttercup-suite-or-spec-failure-description suite-or-spec) description
(buttercup-suite-or-spec-failure-stack suite-or-spec) stack))))
......@@ -530,7 +530,15 @@
(expect (buttercup-spec-status
(car (last (buttercup-suite-children
:to-be 'pending))))
:to-be 'pending)))
(it "should set the failure description to PENDING"
(let ((buttercup--current-suite (make-buttercup-suite))
(buttercup-xit "bla bla")
(setq spec (car (buttercup-suite-children buttercup--current-suite)))
(buttercup--update-with-funcall spec (buttercup-spec-function spec))
(expect (buttercup-suite-or-spec-failure-description spec) :to-equal "PENDING"))))
;;; Spies
......@@ -853,6 +861,15 @@
(expect 'buttercup--print :to-have-been-called-with " FAILED\n"))
(it "should output the failure-description for a pending spec"
(setf (buttercup-spec-status spec) 'pending
(buttercup-spec-failure-description spec) "DESCRIPTION")
(let ((buttercup-reporter-batch--failures nil))
(buttercup-reporter-batch 'spec-done spec))
(expect (mapconcat (apply-partially #'apply #'format)
(spy-calls-all-args 'buttercup--print) "")
:to-match "DESCRIPTION"))
(it "should throw an error for an unknown spec status"
(setf (buttercup-spec-status spec) 'unknown)
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