Commit 4063f559 authored by Ola Nilsson's avatar Ola Nilsson Committed by Jorgen Schäfer

Add function buttercup--specs

parent 0c1dcda1
......@@ -727,6 +727,15 @@ See also `buttercup-define-matcher'."
"Return the number of failed specs in all suites in SUITE-LIST."
(buttercup-suites-total-specs-status suite-list 'failed))
(defun buttercup--specs (spec-or-suite-list)
"Return a flat list of all specs in SPEC-OR-SUITE-LIST."
(let (specs)
(dolist (spec-or-suite spec-or-suite-list specs)
(if (buttercup-spec-p spec-or-suite)
(setq specs (append specs (list spec-or-suite)))
(setq specs (append specs (buttercup--specs
(buttercup-suite-children spec-or-suite))))))))
(defun buttercup--specs-and-suites (spec-or-suite-list)
"Return a flat list of all specs and suites in SPEC-OR-SUITE-LIST."
(let ((specs-and-suites nil))
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