Commit 553529f1 authored by Ola Nilsson's avatar Ola Nilsson

Remove obsolete buttercup-xdescribe

buttercup-xdescribe is no longer used by the xdescribe macro.
parent f57036fd
......@@ -965,18 +965,6 @@ mainly calls to `describe', `it' and `before-each'."
;; make sure the suite is marked as pending
(signal 'buttercup-pending "PENDING")))
(defun buttercup-xdescribe (description function)
"Like `buttercup-describe', but mark the suite as disabled.
A disabled suite is not run.
DESCRIPTION has the same meaning as in `xdescribe'. FUNCTION
is ignored.
(ignore function)
(buttercup-describe description (lambda ()
(signal 'buttercup-pending "PENDING"))))
;;; Pending Specs: xit
......@@ -497,24 +497,6 @@
(describe "The `buttercup-xdescribe' function"
(it "should be a no-op"
(expect (buttercup-xdescribe
"bla bla"
(lambda () (error "Should not happen")))
:not :to-throw))
(it "should add a pending suite"
(let ((buttercup--current-suite nil)
(buttercup-suites nil))
"bla bla"
(lambda () nil))
(expect (buttercup-suite-status (car buttercup-suites))
;;; Pending Specs: xit
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