Commit 62c416a5 authored by Ola Nilsson's avatar Ola Nilsson Committed by Jorgen Schäfer

Rewrite the pattern loop of buttercup-run-discover

Use the buttercup--specs function to replace much of the outer loop.
parent bcaa7f0c
......@@ -1244,21 +1244,13 @@ current directory."
(when (not (string-match "\\(^\\|/\\)\\." (file-relative-name file)))
(load file nil t))))
(when patterns
(let ((suites-or-specs buttercup-suites))
(while suites-or-specs
((buttercup-suite-p (car suites-or-specs))
(setq suites-or-specs (append suites-or-specs
(car suites-or-specs)))))
((buttercup-spec-p (car suites-or-specs))
(catch 'return
(dolist (p patterns)
(when (string-match p (buttercup-spec-full-name (car suites-or-specs)))
(throw 'return t)))
(setf (buttercup-spec-function (car suites-or-specs))
(lambda () (signal 'buttercup-pending "SKIPPED"))))))
(setq suites-or-specs (cdr suites-or-specs)))))
(dolist (spec (buttercup--specs buttercup-suites))
(let ((spec-full-name (buttercup-spec-full-name spec)))
(unless (cl-dolist (p patterns)
(when (string-match p spec-full-name)
(cl-return t)))
(setf (buttercup-spec-function spec)
(lambda () (signal 'buttercup-pending "SKIPPED")))))))
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