Commit 7cea4c6e authored by Ola Nilsson's avatar Ola Nilsson Committed by Jorgen Schäfer

Test buttercup-run

parent a394fea9
......@@ -990,6 +990,34 @@
(expect (buttercup-reporter-batch 'unknown-event nil)
(describe "The `buttercup-run' function"
(let* ((reporter (lambda (event arg) (ignore event arg)))
(runner (lambda (suite) (ignore suite)))
(buttercup-reporter 'reporter)
parent-suite child-suite spec)
(ignore reporter runner)
(setq parent-suite (make-buttercup-suite :description "parent-suite")
child-suite (make-buttercup-suite :description "child-suite")
spec (make-buttercup-spec :description "spec")
buttercup-suites (list parent-suite))
(buttercup-suite-add-child parent-suite child-suite)
(buttercup-suite-add-child child-suite spec)
(spy-on 'reporter)
(spy-on 'runner))
(it "should call the reporter twice with events buttercup-started and -done"
(cl-letf (((symbol-function 'buttercup--run-suite) #'ignore))
(expect (buttercup-run) :not :to-throw)
(expect 'reporter :to-have-been-called-times 2)
(expect 'reporter :to-have-been-called-with 'buttercup-started buttercup-suites)
(expect 'reporter :to-have-been-called-with 'buttercup-done buttercup-suites)))
(it "should call `buttercup--run-suite once per suite"
(cl-letf (((symbol-function 'buttercup--run-suite) #'runner)
(buttercup-suites (make-list 5 parent-suite)))
(expect (buttercup-run) :not :to-throw)
(expect 'runner :to-have-been-called-times 5)))))
(describe "The `buttercup--print' function"
(spy-on 'send-string-to-terminal))
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