Commit 05e075df authored by Sebastian Wiesner's avatar Sebastian Wiesner

Update error display on focus changes.

Show error at point again if Emacs gets the focus, and cancel error
display if Emacs looses focus, as there’s no need to show an error that
the user won’t even see.

parent d25b914c
......@@ -2164,8 +2164,16 @@ Slots:
;; Update the error list if necessary
(post-command-hook . flycheck-error-list-update-source)
(post-command-hook . flycheck-error-list-highlight-errors)
;; Show or hide error popups after commands
;; Display errors. Show errors at point after commands (like movements) and
;; when Emacs gets focus. Cancel the display timer when Emacs looses focus
;; (as there's no need to display errors if the user can't see them), and
;; hide the error buffer (for large error messages) if necessary. Note that
;; the focus hooks only work on Emacs 24.4 and upwards, but since undefined
;; hooks are perfectly ok we don't need a version guard here. They'll just
;; not work silently.
(post-command-hook . flycheck-display-error-at-point-soon)
(focus-in-hook . flycheck-display-error-at-point-soon)
(focus-out-hook . flycheck-cancel-error-display-error-at-point-timer)
(post-command-hook . flycheck-hide-error-buffer)
;; Immediately show error popups when navigating to an error
(next-error-hook . flycheck-display-error-at-point))
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