Commit 0c8782a4 authored by Sebastian Wiesner's avatar Sebastian Wiesner

Fix resource used by selection test

parent 31deda70
......@@ -1355,7 +1355,7 @@ and extension, as in `file-name-base'."
(ert-deftest flycheck-select-checker/unselecting-a-checker-goes-back-to-automatic-selection ()
:tags '(selection language-emacs-lisp
checker-emacs-lisp checker-emacs-lisp-checkdoc)
(flycheck-ert-with-resource-buffer "checkers/python/"
(flycheck-ert-with-resource-buffer "language/emacs-lisp/warnings.el"
(flycheck-select-checker 'emacs-lisp-checkdoc)
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