Commit 173728f6 authored by Sebastian Wiesner's avatar Sebastian Wiesner

Remove racket syntax checker

Possibly evaluates codes while linting which is a no-go for linting.

Closes GH-786
parent 84b2c9a1
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ master (in development)
- Drop support for legacy Ruby YAML implementations prior to Ruby 1.9.3 in
- Remove racket syntax checker due to possible code execution [GH-786]
- New syntax checkers:
......@@ -30,7 +30,6 @@
(depends-on "mmm-mode")
(depends-on "php-mode")
(depends-on "puppet-mode")
(depends-on "racket-mode")
(depends-on "rhtml-mode")
(depends-on "rpm-spec-mode")
(depends-on "rust-mode")
......@@ -221,7 +221,6 @@ attention to case differences."
......@@ -7486,18 +7485,6 @@ See URL `'."
;; Don't check ESS files which do not contain R
:predicate (lambda () (equal ess-language "S")))
(flycheck-define-checker racket
"A Racket syntax checker using the Racket compiler.
See URL `'."
:command ("racket" "-f" source-inplace)
((error line-start (file-name) ":" line ":" column ":" (message) line-end))
:error-filter (lambda (errors)
(flycheck-increment-error-columns errors)))
:modes racket-mode)
(flycheck-define-checker rpm-rpmlint
"A RPM SPEC file syntax checker using rpmlint.
......@@ -4524,11 +4524,6 @@ Why not:
'(4 6 warning "Do not use absolute paths." :checker r-lintr)
'(7 5 error "unexpected end of input" :checker r-lintr))))
(flycheck-ert-def-checker-test racket racket nil
"language/racket.rkt" 'racket-mode
'(4 3 error "read: expected a `)' to close `('" :checker racket)))
(flycheck-ert-def-checker-test rpm-rpmlint rpm nil
"language/rpm.spec" '(sh-mode rpm-spec-mode)
(define listener (tcp-listen 12345))
(let echo-server ()
(define-values (in out) (tcp-accept listener))
(thread (lambda () (copy-port in out)
(close-output-port out))
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