Commit 5a5e3a0d authored by Sebastian Wiesner's avatar Sebastian Wiesner

Refactor SASS tests

parent 9ceb90e2
......@@ -4731,21 +4731,10 @@ Why not:
(flycheck-ert-def-checker-test sass sass nil
"checkers/sass-error.sass" 'sass-mode
"language/sass.sass" 'sass-mode
'(5 nil error "Inconsistent indentation: 3 spaces were used for indentation, but the rest of the document was indented using 2 spaces."
:checker sass)))
(flycheck-ert-def-checker-test sass sass import-error
"checkers/sass-compass.sass" 'sass-mode
`(2 nil error "File to import not found or unreadable: compass/css3."
:checker sass)))
(flycheck-ert-def-checker-test sass sass compass
(let ((flycheck-sass-compass t))
"checkers/sass-compass.sass" 'sass-mode)))
(flycheck-ert-def-checker-test scala scala nil
:expected-result '(or (satisfies (lambda (result)
(and (flycheck-ert-travis-ci-p)
// Import the Compass module.
@import "compass/css3"
\ No newline at end of file
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