Commit 7ccf9362 authored by Sebastian Wiesner's avatar Sebastian Wiesner

Support RPM Spec Mode in rpm-rpmlint

parent 1ee386c5
......@@ -39,4 +39,5 @@
(depends-on "scala-mode2")
(depends-on "scss-mode")
(depends-on "slim-mode")
(depends-on "yaml-mode"))
(depends-on "yaml-mode")
(depends-on "rpm-spec-mode"))
......@@ -5771,8 +5771,10 @@ See URL `'."
(unless (flycheck-error-line err)
(setf (flycheck-error-line err) 1)))
:modes sh-mode
:predicate (lambda () (eq sh-shell 'rpm)))
:modes (sh-mode rpm-spec-mode)
:predicate (lambda () (or (not (eq major-mode 'sh-mode))
;; In `sh-mode', we need the proper shell
(eq sh-shell 'rpm))))
(defun flycheck-locate-sphinx-source-directory ()
"Locate the Sphinx source directory for the current buffer.
......@@ -4563,7 +4563,7 @@ Why not:
:tags '(builtin-checker external-tool language-rpm)
(skip-unless (flycheck-check-executable 'rpm-rpmlint))
"checkers/rpm-warning.spec" 'sh-mode
"checkers/rpm-warning.spec" '(sh-mode rpm-spec-mode)
'(1 nil warning "no-cleaning-of-buildroot %install" :checker rpm-rpmlint)
'(1 nil warning "no-cleaning-of-buildroot %clean" :checker rpm-rpmlint)
'(1 nil warning "no-buildroot-tag" :checker rpm-rpmlint)
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