Commit 8cdbc9bb authored by Mark Laws's avatar Mark Laws

Add `define-error' for Emacs 24.3

parent 35c0ce17
......@@ -45,6 +45,28 @@
(defconst flycheck-ert-ert-can-skip (fboundp 'ert-skip)
"Whether ERT supports test skipping.")
(unless (fboundp 'define-error)
;; from Emacs `subr.el'
(defun define-error (name message &optional parent)
"Define NAME as a new error signal.
MESSAGE is a string that will be output to the echo area if such an error
is signaled without being caught by a `condition-case'.
PARENT is either a signal or a list of signals from which it inherits.
Defaults to `error'."
(unless parent (setq parent 'error))
(let ((conditions
(if (consp parent)
(apply #'append
(mapcar (lambda (parent)
(cons parent
(or (get parent 'error-conditions)
(error "Unknown signal `%s'" parent))))
(cons parent (get parent 'error-conditions)))))
(put name 'error-conditions
(delete-dups (copy-sequence (cons name conditions))))
(when message (put name 'error-message message)))))
(unless flycheck-ert-ert-can-skip
;; Fake skipping
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