1. 31 Jul, 2017 1 commit
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      Update copyright years and maintainers for relevant files · 4b84db67
      fmdkdd authored
      All files that have been updated in 2017 now have an updated copyright notice.
      The manual is a special case: it bears a single copyright notice at the bottom,
      so this mark applies to all its pages.
      Elisp packages containing the 'Maintainer' field have been updated.  Though,
      another solution would be to replace them by a "see the MAINTAINERS file".
  3. 06 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      Use `--message-format=json` flag for rust-cargo checker · 3f05317c
      fmdkdd authored
      To get JSON output, rust-cargo used the `--error-format=json` flag of rustc.
      This had the downside of getting JSON output only from the *last* invocation of
      rustc by cargo.  Crucially, when compiling dependencies with errors, these
      errors would be reported as plain text rather than JSON, resulting in a
      suspicious checker state for rust-cargo.
      In the 1.13 release of Rust, Cargo added the `--message-format=json` to ensure
      all invocations of rustc would return JSON messages.  Unfortunately, the
      `--message-format` flag was not compatible with the `-Zno-trans` option that
      cuts down on compilation time by not generating an
      executable (rust-lang/cargo#3390).  This issue is fixed by release 1.15 of Rust.
      This commit changes rust-cargo to pass the `--message-format` flag instead of
      `--error-format`, ensuring that errors from dependencies are correctly turned
      into `flycheck-error` objects.
      Since Cargo merely encapsulates the JSON messages from rustc, this commits
      extracts the parsing of rustc diagnostics into its own function,
      `flycheck-parse-rustc-diagnostic`, to allow the new `flycheck-parse-cargo-rustc`
      and the existing `flycheck-parse-rust` (renamed `flycheck-parse-rustc`) to parse
      individual diagnostics.
      This commit also adds a test for the behavior that `--message-format` fixes over
      `--error-format`.  This required to instruct the flycheck-ert helpers to fail
      when a flycheck reported a suspicious checker state.
      Previously, a suspicious status would be printed out while running the tests,
      but would not mark the test as failed.
      This commits adds a hook to check for change in checker status and fails the
      test if the checker reports a suspicious status.
  4. 14 May, 2016 1 commit
  5. 30 Apr, 2016 1 commit
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      Pass relevant settings to checkdoc subprocess · ead2b618
      Clément authored
      ‘flycheck-emacs-lisp-checkdoc-variables’ contains all variables that are
      passed to the inferior Emacs process running checkdoc if they are
      already bound in the parent process. This list is kept explicitly
      because generating it requires browsing the checkdoc customization group
      which is only populated after loading checkdoc. A new test ensures that
      the list is up-to-date.
      The main use of this is allowing for file- and directory-local checkdoc
      Fixes GH-741 and closes GH-937.
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