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    re-implement support for linking to git documentation from info · 6f5d75a9
    Jonas Bernoulli authored
    Support for this was removed from `ox-texinfo+.el'.
    Our implementation differs from that old implementation in that it
    patches the `man' link-type instead of the `texinfo' export back-end.
    As a result links have to be changed from, e.g.:
      Also see [[info:gitman#git-diff]].
      Also see [[man#git-diff]].
    Additionally we avoid the stray space that used to appear before the
    period in exported formats.  So we now actually have to write, e.g.:
      Also see [[man#git-diff]]
    The new exporter now inserts the period without a proceeding space.
    Unfortunately it is not possible to tell it to *not* insert a period
    at all when the link does not actually end a sentence.  Fortunately
    there are not many such links in our manuals (and doing this is also
    perfectly in line with texinfo's restrictive formatting of links).
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