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    git-commit-post-finish-hook: Don't run for unsafe commands · af4bf8df
    Jonas Bernoulli authored
    When a command like "git rebase --continue" used `EDITOR' to have the
    user provide a commit message and created a commit with the message it
    received that way, then it goes on doing other things that may need to
    lock the index.
    We therefore cannot run `git-commit-post-finish-hook' after the commit
    was created because otherwise there would be a race condition between
    the subprocesses of "git rebase" and whatever git commands the hook
    calls.  Blacklist commands known to keep going after committing.
    This was previously done in `magit-wip-maybe-add-commit-hook', but we
    need to prevent all of `git-commit-post-finish-hook' to be inhibited.
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