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    magit-process-find-password-functions: new option · b9dfaa53
    Jonas Bernoulli authored
    Add new option `magit-process-find-password-functions' and advertise
    adding `magit-process-password-auth-sources' to its value, but do not
    actually do so.
    We don't use that function by default, because most users will be
    unaware of this functionality and that might cause issues.  For example
    a user may have configured `auth-source' at some point, and then stopped
    using it and also changed the password without also changing it in the
    source used by `auth-source'.  In such a case `auth-source' would return
    the wrong password and that would then be feed to git.  The user likely
    would not note that this is what is happening and report a Magit defect.
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