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    revert buffers using a globalized variant of auto-revert-mode · f916cd03
    Jonas Bernoulli authored
    Replace the old magit-specific auto-revert implementation with the
    mode `magit-auto-revert-mode', a globalized variant of the built-in
    `auto-revert-mode'.  By default Magit still explicitly triggers the
    reverts after running git for side-effects.  Automatic reverts are
    still enabled by default, and Magit is less verbose about it.  The
    behavior can be tuned using `magit-auto-revert-' and `auto-revert-'
    The main benefit of this change is that this implementation caches
    whether a file is tracked or not.  The old implementation determined
    this on every revert cycle, which did not perform well when there
    were many open buffers and/or many tracked files.
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