Commit 1ae403bb authored by Damien Cassou's avatar Damien Cassou Committed by Jonas Bernoulli

Try to find the password before asking user

When git asks the user for a password, this patch first asks the auth-source library. If no password is found, prompt the user.
parent 703fa842
......@@ -97,7 +97,8 @@ When this is nil, no sections are ever removed."
(defcustom magit-process-password-prompt-regexps
'("^\\(Enter \\)?[Pp]assphrase\\( for \\(RSA \\)?key '.*'\\)?: ?$"
"^\\(Enter \\)?[Pp]assword\\( for '.*'\\)?: ?$"
;; match-group 99 is used to identify a host
"^\\(Enter \\)?[Pp]assword\\( for '\\(?99:.*\\)'\\)?: ?$"
"^.*'s password: ?$"
"^Yubikey for .*: ?$")
"List of regexps matching password prompts of Git and its subprocesses."
......@@ -622,13 +623,31 @@ tracked in the current repository are reverted if
(defun magit-process-password-auth-source (host)
"Use `auth-source-search' to get a password for HOST.
If found, return the password. Otherwise, return nil."
(require 'auth-source)
(let ((secret (plist-get (car (auth-source-search :max 1 :host host))
(if (functionp secret)
(funcall secret)
(defun magit-process-password-prompt (process string)
"Forward password prompts to the user."
"Find a password based on prompt STRING and send it to git.
If STRING corresponds to a password prompt, get a suitable
password with `magit-process-password-auth-source' and send it to the
git process."
(--when-let (magit-process-match-prompt
magit-process-password-prompt-regexps string)
process (magit-process-kill-on-abort process
(concat (read-passwd it) "\n")))))
;; 99 is a match-group in magit-process-password-prompt-regexps
(or (--when-let (match-string 99 string)
(magit-process-password-auth-source it))
(read-passwd it))
(defun magit-process-username-prompt (process string)
"Forward username prompts to the user."
......@@ -639,11 +658,13 @@ tracked in the current repository are reverted if
(concat (read-string it nil nil (user-login-name)) "\n")))))
(defun magit-process-match-prompt (prompts string)
"Match STRING against PROMPTS and set match data.
Return the matched string suffixed with \": \", if needed."
(when (--any? (string-match it string) prompts)
(let ((prompt (match-string 0 string)))
(cond ((string-match ": $" prompt) prompt)
((string-match ":$" prompt) (concat prompt " "))
(t (concat prompt ": "))))))
(cond ((string-suffix-p ": " prompt) prompt)
((string-suffix-p ":" prompt) (concat prompt " "))
(t (concat prompt ": "))))))
(defun magit-process-wait ()
(while (and magit-this-process
......@@ -182,6 +182,35 @@
(should (equal (magit-list-remote-branch-names "origin" t)
(list "master")))))
(ert-deftest magit-process:match-prompt-nil-when-no-match ()
(should (null (magit-process-match-prompt '("^foo: ?$") "bar: "))))
(ert-deftest magit-process:match-prompt-non-nil-when-match ()
(should (magit-process-match-prompt '("^foo: ?$") "foo: ")))
(ert-deftest magit-process:match-prompt-match-non-first-prompt ()
(should (magit-process-match-prompt '("^bar: ?$ " "^foo: ?$") "foo: ")))
(ert-deftest magit-process:match-prompt-suffixes-prompt ()
(let ((prompts '("^foo: ?$")))
(should (equal (magit-process-match-prompt prompts "foo:") "foo: "))
(should (equal (magit-process-match-prompt prompts "foo: ") "foo: "))))
(ert-deftest magit-process:match-prompt-preserves-match-group ()
(let* ((prompts '("^foo '\\(?99:.*\\)': ?$"))
(prompt (magit-process-match-prompt prompts "foo 'bar':")))
(should (equal prompt "foo 'bar': "))
(should (equal (match-string 99 "foo 'bar':") "bar"))))
(ert-deftest magit-process:password-prompt ()
(cl-letf (((symbol-function 'magit-process-password-auth-source)
(lambda (host) (when (string= host "") "mypasswd")))
((symbol-function 'process-send-string)
(lambda (process string) string)))
(should (string-equal (magit-process-password-prompt
nil "Password for '':")
;;; Status
(defun magit-test-get-section (type info)
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