Commit 1bc60511 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

Remember arguments used in refs buffers

parent d4a1abc3
...@@ -261,16 +261,28 @@ Type \\[magit-reset] to reset `HEAD' to the commit at point. ...@@ -261,16 +261,28 @@ Type \\[magit-reset] to reset `HEAD' to the commit at point.
"committerdate" "authordate") "committerdate" "authordate")
nil nil initial-input)) nil nil initial-input))
(defun magit-show-refs-get-buffer-args ()
(cond ((and magit-use-sticky-arguments
(derived-mode-p 'magit-refs-mode))
(cadr magit-refresh-args))
((and (eq magit-use-sticky-arguments t)
(--when-let (magit-mode-get-buffer 'magit-refs-mode)
(with-current-buffer it
(cadr magit-refresh-args)))))
(default-value 'magit-show-refs-arguments))))
(defun magit-show-refs-arguments () (defun magit-show-refs-arguments ()
(if (eq magit-current-popup 'magit-show-refs-popup) (if (eq magit-current-popup 'magit-show-refs-popup)
magit-current-popup-args magit-current-popup-args
magit-show-refs-arguments)) (magit-show-refs-get-buffer-args)))
;;;###autoload ;;;###autoload
(defun magit-show-refs-popup (&optional arg) (defun magit-show-refs-popup (&optional arg)
"Popup console for `magit-show-refs'." "Popup console for `magit-show-refs'."
(interactive "P") (interactive "P")
(magit-invoke-popup 'magit-show-refs-popup nil arg)) (let ((magit-show-refs-arguments (magit-show-refs-get-buffer-args)))
(magit-invoke-popup 'magit-show-refs-popup nil arg)))
;;;###autoload ;;;###autoload
(defun magit-show-refs-head (&optional args) (defun magit-show-refs-head (&optional args)
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