Commit 1ee577b3 authored by Kyle Meyer's avatar Kyle Meyer

magit-log-wash-rev: Fix cherry mode failure on Emacs 26

magit-log-wash-rev calls member on (cadr magit-refresh-args).  This
value is a list in magit-log-mode, but it's a string in
magit-cherry-mode.  On Emacs 26 and later, calling member with a
string as the second argument fails:

  emacs25.3> (member "x" "y") => nil
  emacs26.1> (member "x" "y") => Wrong type argument: listp, "y"
     master> (member "x" "y") => Wrong type argument: listp, "y"
parent 9f52236a
......@@ -1073,7 +1073,8 @@ Do not add this to a hook variable."
(setq msg (substring-no-properties msg))
(when refs
(setq refs (substring-no-properties refs)))
(let ((align (not (member "--stat" (cadr magit-refresh-args))))
(let ((align (or (eq style 'cherry)
(not (member "--stat" (cadr magit-refresh-args)))))
(non-graph-re (if (eq style 'bisect-vis)
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