Commit 2cfb20a0 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-format-patch: Allow limiting to certain files

Closes #3601.
parent 32d1e8a4
......@@ -997,27 +997,29 @@ To add this command to the push popup add this to your init file:
(?C "Detect copies" "-C")
(?A "Diff algorithm" "--diff-algorithm="
(?o "Output directory" "--output-directory="))
(?o "Output directory" "--output-directory=")
(?F "Limit to files" "-- " magit-read-files))
:actions '((?p "Format patches" magit-format-patch)
(?r "Request pull" magit-request-pull))
:default-action 'magit-format-patch)
(defun magit-format-patch (range args)
(defun magit-format-patch (range args files)
"Create patches for the commits in RANGE.
When a single commit is given for RANGE, create a patch for the
changes introduced by that commit (unlike 'git format-patch'
which creates patches for all commits that are reachable from
`HEAD' but not from the specified commit)."
(list (if-let ((revs (magit-region-values 'commit t)))
(cons (if-let ((revs (magit-region-values 'commit t)))
(concat (car (last revs)) "^.." (car revs))
(let ((range (magit-read-range-or-commit "Format range or commit")))
(let ((range (magit-read-range-or-commit
"Format range or commit")))
(if (string-match-p "\\.\\." range)
(format "%s~..%s" range range))))
(magit-call-git "format-patch" range args)
(magit-popup-export-file-args (magit-patch-arguments))))
(magit-call-git "format-patch" range args "--" files)
(when (member "--cover-letter" args)
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