Commit 2e9ff1e5 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-emacs-Q-command: Update used load-path

Fixes #3611.
parent 43264c87
......@@ -168,6 +168,9 @@ endif
LOAD_PATH = -L $(TOP)/lisp
# When making changes here, then don't forget to
# adjust magit-emacs-Q-command accordingly.
LOAD_PATH += -L $(shell cygpath --mixed $(DASH_DIR))
LOAD_PATH += -L $(shell cygpath --mixed $(GHUB_DIR))
......@@ -718,8 +718,23 @@ See info node `(magit)Debugging Tools' for more information."
(mapcar (lambda (lib)
(file-name-directory (locate-library lib)))
'("magit" "magit-popup" "with-editor"
"git-commit" "dash" "ghub"))))
'(;; Like `LOAD_PATH' in `'.
;; Obviously `magit' itself is needed too.
;; While this is part of the Magit repository,
;; it is distributed as a separate package.
;; Even though `async' is a dependency of the
;; `magit' package, it is not required here.
;; Avoid Emacs bug#16406 by using full path.
"-l" ,(file-name-sans-extension (locate-library "magit")))
" ")))
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