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The next release will be v2.10.0

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Magit v2.9.1 Release Notes (unreleased)
It's Magit! A Git Porcelain inside Emacs
Magit is an interface to the version control system Git, implemented
as an Emacs package. Magit aspires to be a complete Git porcelain.
While we cannot (yet) claim that Magit wraps and improves upon each
and every Git command, it is complete enough to allow even experienced
Git users to perform almost all of their daily version control tasks
directly from within Emacs. While many fine Git clients exist, only
Magit and Git itself deserve to be called porcelains.
For more information about Magit, see
If Magit helps you be more productive, then please consider donating
Magit v2.10.0 Release Notes (unreleased)
Changes since v2.9.0
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