Commit 4d089c95 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-remote-{rename,remove}: cleanup push-remote variables

Closes #2850.
parent bd5da987
......@@ -249,6 +249,11 @@ Changes since v2.11.0
done to preserves space. The option `magit-refs-show-remote-prefix'
can be used to revert this change.
* The command `magit-remote-remove' now unsets the relevant
push-remote related variables, which Git fails to do unlike for
other variable affected by the removal of a remote. Likewise the
command `magit-remote-rename' renames such variables. #2850.
Fixes since v2.11.0
......@@ -160,13 +160,26 @@ to be used to view and change remote related variables."
(let ((remote (magit-read-remote "Rename remote")))
(list remote (magit-read-string-ns (format "Rename %s to" remote)))))
(unless (string= old new)
(magit-run-git "remote" "rename" old new)))
(magit-call-git "remote" "rename" old new)
(magit-remote--cleanup-push-variables old new)
(defun magit-remote-remove (remote)
"Delete the remote named REMOTE."
(interactive (list (magit-read-remote "Delete remote")))
(magit-run-git "remote" "rm" remote))
(magit-call-git "remote" "rm" remote)
(magit-remote--cleanup-push-variables remote)
(defun magit-remote--cleanup-push-variables (remote &optional new-name)
(when (equal (magit-get "remote.pushDefault") remote)
(magit-set new-name "remote.pushDefault"))
(dolist (var (magit-git-lines "config" "--name-only"
"--get-regexp" "^branch\.[^.]*\.pushRemote"
(format "^%s$" remote)))
(magit-call-git "config" (and (not new-name) "--unset") var new-name))))
(defun magit-remote-set-head (remote &optional branch)
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