Commit 54100d40 authored by Phil Sainty's avatar Phil Sainty Committed by Jonas Bernoulli

Highlight git process errors in the mode line

When an error occurs, the `mode-line-process' value is retained
(pending the next magit buffer refresh), and highlighted using the new
face `magit-mode-line-process-error'.

New user option `magit-process-display-mode-line-error' can be used to
disable this behaviour.
parent 6244ef13
......@@ -1011,6 +1011,7 @@ Run hooks `magit-pre-refresh-hook' and `magit-post-refresh-hook'."
(setq magit-section-highlighted-section nil)
(setq magit-section-highlighted-sections nil)
(setq magit-section-unhighlight-sections nil)
(let ((inhibit-read-only t))
......@@ -189,6 +189,12 @@ non-nil, then the password is read from the user instead."
:group 'magit-process
:type 'boolean)
(defcustom magit-process-display-mode-line-error t
"Whether Magit should retain and highlight process errors in the mode line."
:package-version '(magit . "2.12.0")
:group 'magit-process
:type 'boolean)
(defface magit-process-ok
'((t :inherit magit-section-heading :foreground "green"))
"Face for zero exit-status."
......@@ -204,6 +210,13 @@ non-nil, then the password is read from the user instead."
"Face for `mode-line-process' status when Git is running for side-effects."
:group 'magit-faces)
(defface magit-mode-line-process-error
'((t :inherit error))
"Face for `mode-line-process' error status.
Used when `magit-process-display-mode-line-error' is non-nil."
:group 'magit-faces)
;;; Process Mode
(defvar magit-process-mode-map
......@@ -799,16 +812,69 @@ as argument."
(let ((str (concat " " (propertize
(concat program (and args (concat " " (car args))))
'face 'magit-mode-line-process))))
(magit-repository-local-set 'mode-line-process str)
(dolist (buf (magit-mode-get-buffers))
(with-current-buffer buf
(setq mode-line-process str)))
(force-mode-line-update t)))
(declare-function magit-repository-local-repository "magit-mode")
(defun magit-process-set-mode-line-error-status (&optional str)
"Apply an error face to the string set by `magit-process-set-mode-line'.
If STR is supplied, it replaces the `mode-line-process' text."
(setq str (or str (magit-repository-local-get 'mode-line-process)))
(when str
(setq str (concat " " (propertize
(substring-no-properties str 1)
'face 'magit-mode-line-process-error)))
(magit-repository-local-set 'mode-line-process str)
(dolist (buf (magit-mode-get-buffers))
(with-current-buffer buf
(setq mode-line-process str)))
(force-mode-line-update t)
;; We remove any error status from the mode line when a magit
;; buffer is refreshed (see `magit-refresh-buffer'), but we must
;; ensure that we ignore any refreshes during the remainder of the
;; current command -- otherwise a newly-set error status would be
;; removed before it was seen. We set a flag which prevents the
;; status from being removed prior to the next command, so that
;; the error status is guaranteed to remain visible until then.
(let ((repokey (magit-repository-local-repository)))
;; The following closure captures the repokey value, and is
;; added to `pre-command-hook'.
(cl-labels ((enable-magit-process-unset-mode-line
() ;; Remove ourself from the hook variable, so
;; that we only run once.
(remove-hook 'pre-command-hook
;; Clear the inhibit flag for the repository in
;; which we set it.
'inhibit-magit-process-unset-mode-line nil repokey)))
;; Set the inhibit flag until the next command is invoked.
'inhibit-magit-process-unset-mode-line t repokey)
(add-hook 'pre-command-hook
(defun magit-process-unset-mode-line-error-status ()
"Remove any current error status from the mode line."
(let ((status (or mode-line-process
(magit-repository-local-get 'mode-line-process))))
(when (and status
(eq (get-text-property 1 'face status)
(defun magit-process-unset-mode-line ()
"Remove the git command from the mode line."
(dolist (buf (magit-mode-get-buffers))
(with-current-buffer buf (setq mode-line-process nil)))
(force-mode-line-update t))
(unless (magit-repository-local-get 'inhibit-magit-process-unset-mode-line)
(magit-repository-local-set 'mode-line-process nil)
(dolist (buf (magit-mode-get-buffers))
(with-current-buffer buf (setq mode-line-process nil)))
(force-mode-line-update t)))
(defvar magit-process-error-message-regexps
(list "^\\*ERROR\\*: Canceled by user$"
......@@ -832,7 +898,6 @@ as argument."
(dired-uncache default-dir))
(when (buffer-live-p process-buf)
(with-current-buffer process-buf
(let ((inhibit-read-only t)
(marker (magit-section-start section)))
(goto-char marker)
......@@ -859,7 +924,13 @@ as argument."
(not (--any-p (eq (window-buffer it) buf)
(magit-section-hide section)))))))
(unless (= arg 0)
(if (= arg 0)
;; Unset the `mode-line-process' value upon success.
;; Change `mode-line-process' to an error face upon failure.
(if magit-process-display-mode-line-error
(let ((msg
(or (and (buffer-live-p process-buf)
(with-current-buffer process-buf
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