Commit 606ef594 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

use a single representation for remote branches

In Magit and the Git porcelain remote branches are often represented
using the form REMOTE/BRANCH.  However `git pull' and `git push' have
different semantics and that leaked into Magit too much.

Always use the REMOTE/BRANCH form and only convert right before calling
`git pull' and `git push':



The translation is done by the new function `magit-split-branch-name'.

Remove `magit-get-remote-branch', which returned (REMOTE . BRANCH).
We can now always use `magit-get-tracked-branch', which returns
REMOTE/BRANCH, or for a local branch just BRANCH.

Replace the two arguments REMOTE and REMOTE-BRANCH which a single
argument SOURCE or TARGET in many pulling and pushing commands.
parent af123a9e
......@@ -758,12 +758,14 @@ which is different from the current branch and still exists."
(unless (equal remote ".")
(defun magit-get-remote-branch (&optional branch)
(-when-let (local (or branch (magit-get-current-branch)))
(let ((remote (magit-get-remote local))
(branch (magit-get "branch" local "merge")))
(when (and remote branch (string-match "^refs/heads/\\(.+\\)" branch))
(cons remote (match-string 1 branch))))))
(defun magit-split-branch-name (branch)
(cond ((member branch (magit-list-local-branch-names))
(cons "." branch))
((string-match "/" branch)
(let ((remote (substring branch 0 (match-beginning 0))))
(if (save-match-data (member remote (magit-list-remotes)))
(cons remote (substring branch (match-end 0)))
(error "Invalid branch name %s" branch))))))
(defun magit-get-current-tag (&optional rev with-distance)
"Return the closest tag reachable from REV.
......@@ -1088,8 +1090,6 @@ Return a list of two integers: (A>B B>A)."
(defun magit-read-remote-branch
(prompt &optional remote default local-branch require-match)
(when (consp default)
(setq default (concat (car default) "/" (cdr default))))
(let ((choice (magit-completing-read
(nconc (and local-branch
......@@ -1100,8 +1100,7 @@ Return a list of two integers: (A>B B>A)."
(magit-list-remote-branch-names remote t))
nil require-match nil 'magit-revision-history default)))
(if (string-match "\\`\\([^/]+\\)/\\(.+\\)" choice)
(cons (match-string 1 choice)
(match-string 2 choice))
(user-error "`%s' doesn't have the form REMOTE/BRANCH" choice))))
(defun magit-read-local-branch (prompt &optional secondary-default)
......@@ -155,27 +155,29 @@ then read the remote."
(?o "Other" magit-pull))
:default-action 'magit-pull-current)
(defun magit-git-pull (remote branch args)
(defun magit-git-pull (source args)
(run-hooks 'magit-credential-hook)
(magit-run-git-with-editor "pull" args remote branch))
(-let [(remote . branch)
(magit-split-branch-name source)]
(magit-run-git-with-editor "pull" args remote branch)))
(defun magit-pull-current (remote branch args)
(defun magit-pull-current (source args)
"Fetch and merge into current branch."
(interactive (magit-pull-read-args t))
(magit-git-pull remote branch args))
(magit-git-pull source args))
(defun magit-pull (remote branch args)
(defun magit-pull (source args)
"Fetch from another repository and merge a fetched branch."
(interactive (magit-pull-read-args))
(magit-git-pull remote branch args))
(magit-git-pull source args))
(defun magit-pull-read-args (&optional use-upstream)
(let ((remote (magit-get-remote-branch)))
(unless (and use-upstream remote)
(setq remote (magit-read-remote-branch "Pull" nil remote nil t)))
(list (car remote) (cdr remote) (magit-pull-arguments))))
(list (let ((source (magit-get-tracked-branch)))
(or (and use-upstream source)
(magit-read-remote-branch "Pull" nil source nil t)))
;;; Push
......@@ -198,11 +200,13 @@ then read the remote."
:default-action 'magit-push-current
:max-action-columns 3)
(defun magit-git-push (branch remote remote-branch args)
(defun magit-git-push (branch target args)
(run-hooks 'magit-credential-hook)
(magit-run-git-async-no-revert "push" "-v" args remote
(format "%s:refs/heads/%s"
branch remote-branch)))
(-let [(remote . target)
(magit-split-branch-name target)]
(magit-run-git-async-no-revert "push" "-v" args remote
(format "%s:refs/heads/%s"
branch target))))
(defun magit-push-quickly (args)
......@@ -213,31 +217,31 @@ If that variable is unset too, then raise an error."
(--if-let (magit-get-current-branch)
(-if-let (remote (magit-get-push-remote it))
(if (member remote (magit-list-remotes))
(magit-git-push it remote it args)
(magit-git-push it (concat remote "/" it) args)
(user-error "Remote `%s' doesn't exist" remote))
(user-error "No push-remote is configured for %s" it))
(user-error "No branch is checked out")))
(defun magit-push-current (branch remote remote-branch args)
(defun magit-push-current (branch target args)
"Push the current branch to its upstream branch.
If the upstream isn't set, then read the remote branch."
(interactive (magit-push-read-args t t))
(magit-git-push branch remote remote-branch args))
(magit-git-push branch target args))
(defun magit-push-elsewhere (branch remote remote-branch args)
(defun magit-push-elsewhere (branch target args)
"Push a branch or commit to some remote branch.
Read the local and remote branch."
(interactive (magit-push-read-args nil nil t))
(magit-git-push branch remote remote-branch args))
(magit-git-push branch target args))
(defun magit-push (branch remote remote-branch args)
(defun magit-push (branch target args)
"Push a branch to its upstream branch.
If the upstream isn't set, then read the remote branch."
(interactive (magit-push-read-args t))
(magit-git-push branch remote remote-branch args))
(magit-git-push branch target args))
(defun magit-push-read-args (&optional use-upstream use-current default-current)
(let* ((current (magit-get-current-branch))
......@@ -251,12 +255,12 @@ If the upstream isn't set, then read the remote branch."
(user-error "Nothing selected")))
(remote (and (magit-branch-p local)
(magit-get-remote-branch local))))
(unless (and use-upstream remote)
(setq remote (magit-read-remote-branch (format "Push %s to" local)
nil remote local 'confirm)))
(list local (car remote) (cdr remote) (magit-push-arguments))))
(target (and (magit-branch-p local)
(magit-get-tracked-branch local))))
(unless (and use-upstream target)
(setq target (magit-read-remote-branch (format "Push %s to" local)
nil target local 'confirm)))
(list local target (magit-push-arguments))))
(defun magit-push-matching (remote &optional args)
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