Commit 882f63a7 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-process-finish: mention default-directory when raising error

That's useful in scripted use of `magit-git'
(which is what that function is intended for).
parent 6b259aca
......@@ -796,7 +796,7 @@ as argument."
(match-string 1))))))
"Git failed")))
(if magit-process-raise-error
(signal 'magit-git-error msg)
(signal 'magit-git-error (format "%s (in %s)" msg default-dir))
(--when-let (magit-mode-get-buffer 'magit-status-mode)
(setq magit-this-error msg))
(message "%s ... [%s buffer %s for details]" msg
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