Commit 985bd218 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-process-sentinel: refresh even if buffer is no longer alive

Call `magit-refresh' even if the buffer that was current when the buffer
was started is no longer alive.  This ensures that the status buffer is
parent 14a4ef60
......@@ -534,14 +534,16 @@ tracked in the current repository are reverted if
(magit-process-finish process)
(when (eq process magit-this-process)
(setq magit-this-process nil))
(--when-let (and (not (process-get process 'inhibit-refresh))
(process-get process 'command-buf))
(when (buffer-live-p it)
(with-current-buffer it
(let ((inhibit-magit-revert (process-get process 'inhibit-revert)))
(unless (process-get process 'inhibit-refresh)
(let ((inhibit-magit-revert (process-get process 'inhibit-revert))
(command-buf (process-get process 'command-buf)))
(if (buffer-live-p command-buf)
(with-current-buffer command-buf
(setq default-directory (process-get process 'default-dir))
(defun magit-sequencer-process-sentinel (process event)
"Special sentinel used by `magit-run-git-sequencer'."
(when (memq (process-status process) '(exit signal))
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