Commit b9dfaa53 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-process-find-password-functions: new option

Add new option `magit-process-find-password-functions' and advertise
adding `magit-process-password-auth-sources' to its value, but do not
actually do so.

We don't use that function by default, because most users will be
unaware of this functionality and that might cause issues.  For example
a user may have configured `auth-source' at some point, and then stopped
using it and also changed the password without also changing it in the
source used by `auth-source'.  In such a case `auth-source' would return
the wrong password and that would then be feed to git.  The user likely
would not note that this is what is happening and report a Magit defect.
parent 1ae403bb
......@@ -101,11 +101,31 @@ When this is nil, no sections are ever removed."
"^\\(Enter \\)?[Pp]assword\\( for '\\(?99:.*\\)'\\)?: ?$"
"^.*'s password: ?$"
"^Yubikey for .*: ?$")
"List of regexps matching password prompts of Git and its subprocesses."
"List of regexps matching password prompts of Git and its subprocesses.
Also see `magit-process-find-password-functions'."
:package-version '(magit . "2.1.0")
:group 'magit-process
:type '(repeat (regexp)))
(defcustom magit-process-find-password-functions nil
"List of functions to try in sequence to get a password.
These functions may be called when git asks for a password, which
is detected using `magit-process-password-prompt-regexps'. They
are called if and only if matching the prompt resulted in the
value of the 99th submatch to be non-nil. Therefore users can
control for which prompts these functions should be called by
putting the host name in the 99th submatch, or not.
If the functions are called, then they are called in the order
given, with the host name as only argument, until one of them
returns non-nil. If they are not called or none of them returns
non-nil, then the password is read from the user instead."
:package-version '(magit . "2.3.0")
:group 'magit-process
:type 'hook
:options '(magit-process-password-auth-source))
(defcustom magit-process-username-prompt-regexps
'("^Username for '.*': ?$")
"List of regexps matching username prompts of Git and its subprocesses."
......@@ -623,11 +643,11 @@ tracked in the current repository are reverted if
(defun magit-process-password-auth-source (host)
"Use `auth-source-search' to get a password for HOST.
(defun magit-process-password-auth-source (key)
"Use `auth-source-search' to get a password.
If found, return the password. Otherwise, return nil."
(require 'auth-source)
(let ((secret (plist-get (car (auth-source-search :max 1 :host host))
(let ((secret (plist-get (car (auth-source-search :max 1 :host key))
(if (functionp secret)
(funcall secret)
......@@ -635,19 +655,18 @@ If found, return the password. Otherwise, return nil."
(defun magit-process-password-prompt (process string)
"Find a password based on prompt STRING and send it to git.
If STRING corresponds to a password prompt, get a suitable
password with `magit-process-password-auth-source' and send it to the
git process."
First try the functions in `magit-process-find-password-functions'.
If none of them returns a password, then read it from the user
(--when-let (magit-process-match-prompt
magit-process-password-prompt-regexps string)
process (magit-process-kill-on-abort process
;; 99 is a match-group in magit-process-password-prompt-regexps
(or (--when-let (match-string 99 string)
(magit-process-password-auth-source it))
(read-passwd it))
(concat (or (--when-let (match-string 99 string)
'magit-process-find-password-functions it))
(read-passwd it))
(defun magit-process-username-prompt (process string)
"Forward username prompts to the user."
......@@ -203,13 +203,13 @@
(should (equal (match-string 99 "foo 'bar':") "bar"))))
(ert-deftest magit-process:password-prompt ()
(cl-letf (((symbol-function 'magit-process-password-auth-source)
(lambda (host) (when (string= host "") "mypasswd")))
((symbol-function 'process-send-string)
(lambda (process string) string)))
(should (string-equal (magit-process-password-prompt
nil "Password for '':")
(let ((magit-process-find-password-functions
(list (lambda (host) (when (string= host "") "mypasswd")))))
(cl-letf (((symbol-function 'process-send-string)
(lambda (process string) string)))
(should (string-equal (magit-process-password-prompt
nil "Password for '':")
;;; Status
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