Commit be39a9ba authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-push-popup: add --force again

parent 8fe87848
......@@ -10,5 +10,8 @@ Fixes since v2.8.0
the current branch is being rebased onto its upstream in order to
display that information in the status buffer.
* When `--force-with-lease' was added to the `magit-push-popup',
`--force' was removed, but sometimes the former just isn't enough.
......@@ -426,9 +426,10 @@ removed after restarting Emacs."
"Popup console for push commands."
:man-page "git-push"
:switches `((?f "Force" "--force-with-lease")
(?h "Disable hooks" "--no-verify")
(?d "Dry run" "--dry-run")
:switches `((?f "Force with lease" "--force-with-lease")
(?F "Force" "--force")
(?h "Disable hooks" "--no-verify")
(?d "Dry run" "--dry-run")
,@(and (not magit-push-current-set-remote-if-missing)
'((?u "Set upstream" "--set-upstream"))))
:actions '("Configure"
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