Commit cae7f684 authored by Jonas Bernoulli's avatar Jonas Bernoulli

magit-wip-initial-backup-mode: New mode

parent 7c68485e
......@@ -59,6 +59,12 @@
:group 'magit-wip
:type 'string)
(defcustom magit-wip-initial-backup-mode-lighter " iWip"
"Lighter for Magit-Wip-Initial Backup mode."
:package-version '(magit . "2.1.0")
:group 'magit-wip
:type 'string)
(defcustom magit-wip-merge-branch nil
"Whether to merge the current branch into its wip ref.
......@@ -177,7 +183,15 @@ command which is about to be called are committed."
(magit-wip-commit files msg))))
;;; Extras
(define-minor-mode magit-wip-initial-backup-mode
"Before saving a buffer for the first time, commit to a wip ref."
:package-version '(magit . "2.90.0")
:group 'magit-wip
:lighter magit-wip-initial-backup-mode-lighter
:global t
(if magit-wip-initial-backup-mode
(add-hook 'before-save-hook 'magit-wip-commit-initial-backup)
(remove-hook 'before-save-hook 'magit-wip-commit-initial-backup)))
(defvar-local magit-wip-buffer-backed-up nil)
(put 'magit-wip-buffer-backed-up 'permanent-local t)
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