Commit d289ec13 authored by Kyle Meyer's avatar Kyle Meyer

magit-push-refspecs: use magit-completing-read-multiple

... so that the collection of branch names is displayed in the
original order.
parent 6fcf994b
......@@ -579,9 +579,10 @@ only available for the part before the colon, or when no colon
is used."
(list (magit-read-remote "Push to remote")
"Push refspec,s: "
(cons "HEAD" (magit-list-local-branch-names)))
(split-string (magit-completing-read-multiple
"Push refspec,s"
(cons "HEAD" (magit-list-local-branch-names)))
crm-default-separator t)
(run-hooks 'magit-credential-hook)
(magit-run-git-async "push" "-v" args remote refspecs))
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