Commit d7496335 authored by Kyle Meyer's avatar Kyle Meyer Committed by Jonas Bernoulli

Remove org-export-ignore-headlines advice

org-extra--merge-sections was added to ox-extra.el in Org's
fef346798 (ox-extra: Merge sections from ignored headlines,

Re: #2914
parent 0c461ec5
......@@ -641,43 +641,6 @@ and"
;; `completion-pcm--all-completions' that shipped with Emacs 25.1.
(nreverse poss))))))
;;; Kludges for Org
(require 'org-element nil t)
(require 'ox-extra nil t))
(declare-function org-element-adopt-elements "org-element"
(parent &rest children))
(declare-function org-element-contents "org-element" (element))
(declare-function org-element-extract-element "org-element" (element))
(declare-function org-element-map "org-element"
(data types fun &optional info
first-match no-recursion with-affiliated))
(declare-function org-element-type "org-element" (element))
(with-eval-after-load 'ox-extra ; see #2914
(defun org-extra--merge-sections (data _backend info)
(org-element-map data 'headline
(lambda (hl)
(let ((sections
for el in (org-element-map (org-element-contents hl)
'(headline section) #'identity info)
until (eq (org-element-type el) 'headline)
collect el)))
(when (and sections
(> (length sections) 1))
(apply #'org-element-adopt-elements
(car sections)
(cl-mapcan (lambda (s) (org-element-contents s))
(cdr sections)))
(mapc #'org-element-extract-element (cdr sections)))))
(advice-add 'org-export-ignore-headlines :after
'((name . "org-export-ignore-headlines--merge-sections"))))
;;; Kludges for Incompatible Modes
(defvar whitespace-mode)
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