Commit f8b497d6 authored by Kyle Meyer's avatar Kyle Meyer

magit-commit-popup: change --no-verify key to "h"

Bind --no-verify to "h" in the commit popup for consistency with the
push and commit popups.  Also, change its description to match the
other popups' descriptions.
parent ad361010
......@@ -105,6 +105,10 @@ Changes since v2.10.3
* Added `--no-verify' switch to `magit-rebase-popup'. #3144
* The `--no-verify' switch in `magit-commit-popup' is now bound to "h"
instead of "n" for consistency with `magit-push-popup' and
`magit-rebase-popup'. #3144
Fixes since v2.10.3
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ an error while using those is harder to recover from."
:switches ((?a "Stage all modified and deleted files" "--all")
(?e "Allow empty commit" "--allow-empty")
(?v "Show diff of changes to be committed" "--verbose")
(?n "Bypass git hooks" "--no-verify")
(?h "Disable hooks" "--no-verify")
(?s "Add Signed-off-by line" "--signoff")
(?R "Claim authorship and reset author date" "--reset-author"))
:options ((?A "Override the author" "--author=")
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