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    • Yuri Khan's avatar
      Add bookmark support [#1639] · 58474324
      Yuri Khan authored
      Theory of operation:
      * When the user requests a bookmark for the current buffer and it’s in
        one of the supported modes, our ‘*-make-record function’ will be
      * It will create a bookmark record using the default function, set its
        ‘filename’ property to the root of the current repository, ‘handler’
        to the corresponding ‘*-jump’ function, and various ‘magit-*’
        properties to parts of ‘magit-refresh-args’.
      * When the bookmark is activated, it is passed to its recorded handler
        function, which feeds the saved ‘magit-*’ properties into the
        relevant Magit command and restores the position in buffer.
      * The handler functions are marked autoload so that they pull us in
        when the user activates a bookmark even if neither ‘magit-bookmark.el’
        nor ‘magit.el’ have been loaded yet.
      * Otherwise, we get loaded after both ‘magit.el’ and ‘bookmark.el’ are
        loaded, which is the necessary condition for the user to start
        creating bookmarks.
  10. 29 May, 2017 2 commits
    • Damien Cassou's avatar
    • Damien Cassou's avatar
      magit-imenu.el: Centralize imenu integration [#3022] · 400e994d
      Damien Cassou authored
      This commit moves all imenu-related code to magit-imenu. In
      particular, this commit:
      * Extracts function magit-imenu--index-function from
        magit-status. This function is useful for both magit-refs-mode and
      * Moves magit-revision's imenu support to magit-diff-mode. This allows
        both magit-revision-mode and magit-stash-mode to benefit from it.
      * Adapts magit-log's imenu support for its derived
        modes (magit-reflog-mode and magit-stashes-mode). This patch fixes
        current implementation in magit-log-mode to support these two.
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    • York Zhao's avatar
      "make clean" should do "rm *.elc" · 4cbf2c45
      York Zhao authored
      "make clean" should do "rm *.elc" instead of "rm $(ELCS)" to ensure removing all
      the .elc files, including those obsolete residue ones. Obsolete residue .elc
      files are usually not included in $(ELCS) because $(ELCS) is computed from
      $(ELS) by the following substitution rule:
        ELCS = $(ELS:.el=.elc)
      while the obsolete source files are not in $(ELS).
      A real life example is the residue file lisp/with-editor.elc. Apparently,
      with-editor.el used to be part of Magit, but was moved out into a dependency
      package. The old "make clean" wasn't able to delete the file "with-editor.elc"
      for the reason explained above. This caused the "make" command always used the
      residue file "with-editor.elc" instead of the new one in the "with-editor"
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    • Jonas Bernoulli's avatar
      revert buffers using a globalized variant of auto-revert-mode · f916cd03
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Replace the old magit-specific auto-revert implementation with the
      mode `magit-auto-revert-mode', a globalized variant of the built-in
      `auto-revert-mode'.  By default Magit still explicitly triggers the
      reverts after running git for side-effects.  Automatic reverts are
      still enabled by default, and Magit is less verbose about it.  The
      behavior can be tuned using `magit-auto-revert-' and `auto-revert-'
      The main benefit of this change is that this implementation caches
      whether a file is tracked or not.  The old implementation determined
      this on every revert cycle, which did not perform well when there
      were many open buffers and/or many tracked files.
  22. 11 Nov, 2015 1 commit