1. 22 Dec, 2016 3 commits
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      revert buffers using a globalized variant of auto-revert-mode · f916cd03
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Replace the old magit-specific auto-revert implementation with the
      mode `magit-auto-revert-mode', a globalized variant of the built-in
      `auto-revert-mode'.  By default Magit still explicitly triggers the
      reverts after running git for side-effects.  Automatic reverts are
      still enabled by default, and Magit is less verbose about it.  The
      behavior can be tuned using `magit-auto-revert-' and `auto-revert-'
      The main benefit of this change is that this implementation caches
      whether a file is tracked or not.  The old implementation determined
      this on every revert cycle, which did not perform well when there
      were many open buffers and/or many tracked files.
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      clarify copyright lines in library headers · 48e73138
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      At the beginning of library headers use
      ;; Copyright (C) YEARS  The Magit Project Contributors
      instead of
      ;; Copyright (C) YEARS  The Magit Project Developers
      "Developers" might be read as to imply that only the core team hold the
      copyright.  But that is not the case, since nobody assigned their rights
      to us.  Everyone who ever contributed holds the copyright for their
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      move all libraries to new lisp/ subdirectory · 51eb8bb4
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      and move AUTHORS.md to the Documentation/ subdirectory.  This also
      requires extensive changes to the Makefiles and some libraries.
  7. 02 Mar, 2015 1 commit
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      put popup options in correct groups, suppress unnecessary options · 9af12830
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Disband the `magit-popups' Custom group and instead place most popup
      argument options into `magit-commands'.  The options of popups which
      are used to create or update buffers whose major-mode is a Magit mode
      are instead placed in the respective mode group.
      Also suppress the creation of popup argument options for popups which
      do not take any arguments.
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