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      Place magit-{*}-arguments in new magit-git-arguments group · 33c5c1ca
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Most options named `magit-TOPIC-arguments' specify the arguments
      that are enabled by default in the respective `magit-TOPIC-popup'.
      Previously most of these options were placed in the `magit-commands'
      Custom group, which made that group rather noisy.  A few were placed
      in others group, which was inconsistent and in most cases an oversight.
      To avoid having to specify the group for each and every popup defined
      in Magit and in third-party extensions that share the "magit-" prefix,
      teach `magit-define-popup' to use `magit-git-arguments' if GROUP isn't
      specified and NAME does begin with "magit-".
      Also place `magit-git-global-arguments' into this group.  Remove it
      from `magit', but keep it in `magit-process' as before.
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      magit-popup-default-setup: handle :sequence-{predicate,actions} · 39b9c35d
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Also remove `magit-popup-sequence-mode' whose only purpose
      was to substitute a specialized (and anonymous) function
      for `magit-popup-default-setup'.
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      stop faking negative overlay property priorities · c5a8c090
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Face attributes set in overlays always have a higher priority than the
      corresponding text properties.  Magit highlights the current section
      with an overlay whose face sets the background color, as a result all
      text in the current section would lose its background color.
      We used to fake negative priorities for such text which has a background
      color, by using an overlay to set the face where one would usually use a
      text property.  So instead of giving the highlighting overlay a negative
      priority, i.e. one lower than the 1 priority of text properties (because
      that's impossible) we instead gave the text properties a higher priority
      (by using overlay properties instead).  Conceptually that was equivalent
      to giving the highlighting overlay a negative priority.
      But we should not have done that for three reasons:
      - Giving ref labels (and a few other things) a background color caused
        the buffer to be much noisier than it otherwise would have been.  So
        at least in my opinion, giving labels a background color was not only
        a hack, and difficult and expensive, it was also undesirable.  In the
        v2.1.0 release I dropped the background color of all ref labels and a
        few other faces.  This was generally well received.
      - Using overlays is inefficient, and should therefore be avoided when
        not necessary.  Every time Magit comes up Eli tells us about it.
      - Using overlays complicates the code and makes necessary changes more
      Dropping support for faked negative overlay priorities, might mean that
      some third-party themes have to be adjusted.  Which is why I did not do
      it in v2.1.0, but now the time has come.
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      use same washer function for oneline and verbose log variants · 2809a243
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Remove the washer functions `magit-log-wash-verbose' and
      `magit-log-wash-line' (which was used for all other variants beside
      "verbose") and replace them with `magit-log-wash-rev' (which is now
      used for all variants).
      That's not very nice, this function is turning into a monstrosity and
      it's only going to get worse over the next few commits.  Eventually
      this has to be split up, but right now combining the two variants is
      the right thing to do.
      The verbose log now shows the same oneline summary as the "oneline"
      variant instead of something resembling `--format=medium'.  This
      will come back in a different form in a few commits (in the form of
      the `++header' argument).  The term "verbose" now only refers to the
      use of an argument like `--patch' or `--stat' (i.e. we should stop
      talking about "verbose" logs).
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    • Jonas Bernoulli's avatar
      magit-bisect-run: fix implementation and use · b9539626
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      * Add `magit-bisect-run' as a sequence action of `magit-bisect-popup'.
        Previously it was only offered as a regular action, but did not work
        when used that way.
      * Teach `magit-bisect-run' how to start bisecting if no bisecting
        sequence is in progress yet, i.e when called as a regular action.
      * Describe `magit-bisect-run' using "Start script" resp. "Run script",
        and bind "s" to this command, when used as a regular action and also
        when used as a sequence action.
      Re #2294.
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    • Jonas Bernoulli's avatar
      clarify copyright lines in library headers · 48e73138
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      At the beginning of library headers use
      ;; Copyright (C) YEARS  The Magit Project Contributors
      instead of
      ;; Copyright (C) YEARS  The Magit Project Developers
      "Developers" might be read as to imply that only the core team hold the
      copyright.  But that is not the case, since nobody assigned their rights
      to us.  Everyone who ever contributed holds the copyright for their
    • Jonas Bernoulli's avatar
      move all libraries to new lisp/ subdirectory · 51eb8bb4
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      and move AUTHORS.md to the Documentation/ subdirectory.  This also
      requires extensive changes to the Makefiles and some libraries.
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      consolidate the functions that return the repository toplevel · 1ff241b7
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Remove the variants `magit-get-top-dir' and `magit-toplevel-safe' in
      favor of just `magit-toplevel'.  This function now combines all the
      special cases previously handled by the removed functions.
      `magit-toplevel' differs from `git rev-parse --show-toplevel' which it
      uses internally, in that it also works from inside the .git directory
      and in bare repositories.  The new STRICT argument can be used to
      suppress these fallbacks.
      Also add the new `magit-with-toplevel' macro which just let-binds
      `default-directory' to the toplevel directory.
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    • Jonas Bernoulli's avatar
      put popup options in correct groups, suppress unnecessary options · 9af12830
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Disband the `magit-popups' Custom group and instead place most popup
      argument options into `magit-commands'.  The options of popups which
      are used to create or update buffers whose major-mode is a Magit mode
      are instead placed in the respective mode group.
      Also suppress the creation of popup argument options for popups which
      do not take any arguments.
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    • Jonas Bernoulli's avatar
      add magit-confirm-files, improve magit-confirm · ed7d2277
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      Also adjust the various callers and the option `magit-no-confirm'.
      This is another milestone in the efforts to make completion consistent.
      Here we do so by coupling confirmation with completion.
      When a command can either (a) do something with the items represented
      by all sections in the region, (b.1) the item represented by the
      current section, (b.2) some item which is the default for some other
      reason or (c) an item read using the minibuffer, then combine (b) and
      (c).  I.e. instead of asking "Delete branch master?", give the user
      the opportunity to confirm, abort _or_ to choose another branch:
      "Delete branch (default master):".  This is especially useful because
      the default is not always the thing-at-point, so we would have to
      request confirmation anyway.  When the default is what the user wanted
      then "RET" is just another way of saying "yes", and "C-g" means "no".
      If the user only had the choice between "yes" and "no", then we would
      have to provide another way to pick something other than the default,
      i.e. using a second command or a prefix argument.  That's much less
      For such commands which may act on the selected section(s) _or_ some
      other default, do _not_ provide the possibility to disable confirmation.
      If acting on one item requires confirmation, then acting on multiple
      items should also require confirmation.
      For other commands which may act on a single thing or multiple things
      but in a fully predictable way (always act on the section at point or
      the sections in the region) we don't allow the user to pick something
      other than the default.  In these cases allow disabling the need for
      confirmation.  This mostly concerns commands that act on files.
      Finally there are commands that perform actions that are not tied to a
      certain a set of items out of a larger possible set, e.g. aborting the
      ongoing merge.  Here too allow disabling the need for confirmation.
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