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      git-rebase-mode-show-keybindings: detect translated output · 8e762d34
      Kyle Meyer authored
      Don't rely on the "Commands:" heading to detect the command section
      because this can vary depending on $LANG.  Instead detect the line for
      the first command (i.e. "p, pick").  There's no guarantee that this
      output is stable but (1) the same is true for all interactive rebase
      help output and (2) this text has not changed since the introduction
      of interactive rebase.  Also, don't assume that each command and its
      description are separated by "=" (e.g., "p, pick = use commit")
      because some translations use a different separator.
      The resulting output is a little odd in that it mixes English from
      git-rebase-command-descriptions with Git's help in $LANG.  Another
      option would be to force the entire rebase buffer to be in English by
      setting LANG/LC_ALL (e.g., in magit-rebase-interactive-1).  Until we
      decide that that's a direction we want to go, let's use this fix to
      avoid displaying inaccurate bindings in rebase buffers with translated
      Fixes #3175.
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