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      Preserve visibility cache when killing buffers · 32c731ba
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      The section visibility cache is stored in a buffer-local value.
      For `magit-status-mode' and `magit-refs-mode' preserve that value
      using a repository-local value when killing the buffer and restore
      the buffer-local value when recreating the buffer.
      Other modes are not supported because they contain no sections that
      benefit from the visibility cache and/or because it is possible for
      multiple buffers with that mode to exist per repository.
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      Generalize section visibility cache · 8fd76b92
      Jonas Bernoulli authored
      * Cache whether a section is hidden or expanded.  Previously it was
        only possible to cache that a section is hidden.  The only use-case
        was to hide a re-appearing section even though the default for that
        section is to expand it initially.
      * Allow caching the visibility state of sections of any type.  The new
        option `magit-section-cache-visibility-types' controls for which
        sections the state is remembered.  As before, only the section type
        controls whether the cache is used, while (cons TYPE VALUE) is used
        as the key when doing so.
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