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    • mrBliss's avatar
      Handle comments when indenting method chains · fba77143
      mrBliss authored
      Previously, indentation went wrong when the comment on the line above
      looked like a method call/member access:
          fn main() {
              // Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem.ipsum
      With this patch:
          fn main() {
              // Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem.ipsum
      Also, a blank line or a comment broke method-chain indentation:
          fn main() {
              // A comment
      With this patch:
          fn main() {
              // A comment
      Note that comments interleaving a method chain are not aligned with the
      '.' of the method chain.
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    • Wilfred Hughes's avatar
      Go back to the current line and column after formatting. · 2540d7ef
      Wilfred Hughes authored
      The previous approach simply moved to the same character offset. This is
      unlikely to preserve the position of point, as rustfmt often changes
      whitespace, changing the number of characters before point.
      Instead, we go back to the line number and column number we were on
      before. Provided that rustfmt has not radically changed the number of
      lines, this will typically put point back to its previous position, or
      at least close.
      Improves, but doesn't completely solve, issue #162.
    • Wilfred Hughes's avatar
      rust--after-revert-hook should preserve point position. · e452995b
      Wilfred Hughes authored
      Otherwise, rust-format-buffer always moves point to the end of the
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    • Fanael Linithien's avatar
      Fix #160 · 620d7182
      Fanael Linithien authored
      Use `font-lock-fontify-region` on the whole buffer to actually force
      refontification in Emacs 24, which does not support `font-lock-ensure`.
      `font-lock-fontify-buffer` is actually closer to `font-lock-flush`, so it's not
      the right function to use in `rust--after-revert-hook`.
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  20. 14 May, 2016 3 commits
    • fmdkdd's avatar
      Add menu titles for items in imenu · c69adaf8
      fmdkdd authored
      All items gathered by imenu were put at the top-level, except impls.
      This commit puts all items in separate menu titles, following "Impl".
      Fixes #93.
    • fmdkdd's avatar
      Add macro_rules names to imenu · e6eceea8
      fmdkdd authored
      imenu did not register macros previously.
      We must add `!` to the `word` syntax category for imenu since we reuse
      the `rust-re-item-def-imenu` regexp which use word boundaries.
    • fmdkdd's avatar
      imenu: don't add item defs in single-line comments · e3c545ec
      fmdkdd authored
      Fixes #94.
      This commit changes the regexp used to build
      `rust-imenu-generic-expression` to strictly match item definitions
      on lines that are not single-line comments.
  21. 06 May, 2016 1 commit
  22. 04 May, 2016 1 commit
    • Niko Matsakis's avatar
      add code to handle new-style rustc errors · 40c33fd7
      Niko Matsakis authored
      These errors are available on nightly builds (or will be soon), but
      only (at the moment) when enabled via environment variable. They will
      become the default at some point in the future.
      In this commit we match on the `-->`, but after that we have to scroll
      the compilation window to make the error visible. One shortcoming is
      that if you enter the window and click on the filename/line-number, then
      the "next-error-hook" doesn't seem to run. (If you click at the start of
      the line, it does.) It may be possible to tweak the "hyperlink" here to
      make that work more smoothly, or perhaps add a hook somewhere else.
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  24. 25 Apr, 2016 1 commit
    • mrBliss's avatar
      Properly fix #151 · eafb7a0f
      mrBliss authored
      Always check whether we're not in a string or comment when looking for
      the `where` keyword. Use two helpers for this: `rust-looking-at-where`
      and `rust-rewind-to-where`.