Commit 4ab9426a authored by Marko Bencun's avatar Marko Bencun

ignore nil pairs in match-data

If a subgroup does not match anything, (match-data) contains nils. Those
led to errors.

Issue #43.
parent dfdf63ac
......@@ -565,6 +565,9 @@ visible all the time in the minibuffer."
(propertize replacement 'face current-face)))
(overlay-put overlay 'priority (+ vr--overlay-priority 0))))))))
(defun vr--mapcar-nonnil (rep list)
(mapcar (lambda (it) (when it (funcall rep it))) list))
(defun vr--get-replacements (feedback feedback-limit)
"Get replacements using emacs-style regexp."
(setq vr--limit-reached nil)
......@@ -594,7 +597,7 @@ visible all the time in the minibuffer."
(if (or (not feedback) (not feedback-limit) (< i feedback-limit))
(setq replacements (cons
(let ((match-data (mapcar 'marker-position (match-data))))
(let ((match-data (vr--mapcar-nonnil 'marker-position (match-data))))
(list (query-replace-compile-replacement replace-string t) match-data i))
(setq vr--limit-reached t))
......@@ -658,7 +661,7 @@ visible all the time in the minibuffer."
(unless (or silent (string= "" message-line))
(vr--minibuffer-message message-line))
;; needed to correctly position the mark after query replace (finished with 'automatic ('!'))
(set-match-data (mapcar (lambda (el) (+ cumulative-offset el)) last-match-data))
(set-match-data (vr--mapcar-nonnil (lambda (el) (+ cumulative-offset el)) last-match-data))
(defun vr--set-target-buffer-start-end ()
......@@ -903,7 +906,7 @@ E [not supported in visual-regexp]"
(while (and keep-going vr--query-replacements)
;; Advance replacement list
(cl-multiple-value-bind (replacement match-data i) (car vr--query-replacements)
(setq match-data (mapcar (lambda (el) (+ cumulative-offset el)) match-data))
(setq match-data (vr--mapcar-nonnil (lambda (el) (+ cumulative-offset el)) match-data))
(let ((begin (cl-first match-data))
(end (cl-second match-data))
(next-replacement-orig replacement))
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