Commit 5be39e68 authored by Marko Bencun's avatar Marko Bencun

fix regression: keep the capitalization of words when

parent 104d17fc
;;; visual-regexp.el --- A regexp/replace command for Emacs with interactive visual feedback
;; Copyright (C) 2013 Marko Bencun
;; Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Marko Bencun
;; Author: Marko Bencun <>
;; URL:
......@@ -501,13 +501,15 @@ visible all the time in the minibuffer."
(defun vr--get-replacement (replacement match-data i)
(with-current-buffer vr--target-buffer
(set-match-data match-data)
;; emulate case-conversion of (perform-replace)
((case-fold-search (if (and case-fold-search search-upper-case)
(ignore-errors (isearch-no-upper-case-p (invalid-regexp "") t))
(ignore-errors (isearch-no-upper-case-p (vr--get-regexp-string) t))
(nocasify (not (and case-replace case-fold-search))))
;; we need to set the match data again, s.t. match-substitute-replacement works correctly.
;; (match-data) could have been modified in the meantime, e.g. by vr--get-regexp-string->pcre-to-elisp.
(set-match-data match-data)
(if (stringp replacement)
(match-substitute-replacement replacement nocasify)
(match-substitute-replacement (funcall (car replacement) (cdr replacement) i) nocasify)))))
......@@ -575,7 +577,8 @@ visible all the time in the minibuffer."
(setq message-line (vr--format-error err))
(setq replacements (list))
(setq looping nil))))))))
(invalid-regexp (setq message-line (car (cdr err)))))
(invalid-regexp (setq message-line (car (cdr err))))
(error (setq message-line (car (cdr err)))))
(if feedback
(if (string= "" message-line)
(setq message-line (vr--compose-messages (format "%s matches" i) (when limit-reached (format "%s matches shown, hit C-c a to show all" feedback-limit)))))
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