Commit b4f38b8e authored by Jack Angers's avatar Jack Angers Committed by GitHub

Show previous history keybinding in help text

As mentioned in #15
parent 2cf4dc5a
......@@ -378,7 +378,7 @@ visible all the time in the minibuffer."
(defun vr--minibuffer-help-text ()
(let ((help ""))
(setq help (concat help (substitute-command-keys "\\<vr/minibuffer-keymap>\\[vr--minibuffer-help]: help, \\[vr--shortcut-toggle-limit]: toggle show all")))
(setq help (concat help (substitute-command-keys "\\<vr/minibuffer-keymap>\\[vr--minibuffer-help]: help, \\[vr--shortcut-toggle-limit]: toggle show all, \\[previous-history-element]: previous")))
(when (vr--in-replace)
(setq help (concat help (substitute-command-keys ", \\[vr--shortcut-toggle-preview]: toggle preview"))))
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