Commit 32f70b58 authored by Lev Lamberov's avatar Lev Lamberov

Apply recent upstream commits

parent 58e2f456
From: Mark Karpov <>
Subject: Apply upstream commits to fix zzz-to-char in Emacs 26.1
Apply 9f08bf94c56a39a2b65f90b852da76dfa6ec2a6f (Fix the call to
‘avy-jump’) and 1ed6d26bcd481d88c6440984c93c248abdea2804 (Use
‘avy-jump’ instead of ‘avy--generic-jump’) upstream commits.
--- a/zzz-to-char.el
+++ b/zzz-to-char.el
@@ -63,15 +63,15 @@ This is an internal function, see also `
(let ((p (point))
(avy-all-windows nil))
(avy-with zzz-to-char
- (avy--generic-jump
+ (avy-jump
(if (= 13 char)
(regexp-quote (string char)))
- nil
- (max (- p zzz-to-char-reach)
- (point-min))
- (min (+ p zzz-to-char-reach)
- (point-max))))
+ :window-flip nil
+ :beg (max (- p zzz-to-char-reach)
+ (point-min))
+ :end (min (+ p zzz-to-char-reach)
+ (point-max))))
(let ((n (point)))
(when (/= n p)
(cl-destructuring-bind (beg . end)
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