Commit 064ec09f authored by Jérémy Bobbio's avatar Jérémy Bobbio

Convert Haskell comparators to Command class

parent 73ff6742
......@@ -19,21 +19,19 @@
import subprocess
from debbindiff import tool_required
from debbindiff.comparators.utils import binary_fallback
from debbindiff.comparators.utils import binary_fallback, Command
from debbindiff.difference import Difference
def show_iface(path):
return subprocess.check_output(['ghc', '--show-iface', path], shell=False).decode('ascii')
class ShowIface(Command):
def cmdline(self):
return ['ghc', '--show-iface', path]
def compare_hi_files(path1, path2, source=None):
iface1 = show_iface(path1)
iface2 = show_iface(path2)
difference = Difference.from_unicode(
iface1, iface2, path1, path2, source='ghc --show-iface')
difference = Difference.from_command(ShowIface, path1, path2)
if not difference:
return []
return [difference]
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