Commit 4192e2ff authored by Sergey Fionov's avatar Sergey Fionov Committed by Frank Denis

Use Android NDK r18, use API 19 for 32-bit Android builds (#610)

Older Androids had some functions like `sigfillset` implemented as macros,
and `android-19` is the last backward-compatible and forward-compatible version
of unified headers.
parent dda3ca1e
......@@ -195,14 +195,16 @@ before_deploy:
- ls -l dnscrypt-proxy-*.tar.gz dnscrypt-proxy-*.zip
- NDK_VER=r18-beta2
- NDK_VER=r18
- curl -LO${NDK_VER}
- unzip -q android-ndk-${NDK_VER} -d $HOME
- rm android-ndk-${NDK_VER}
- NDK_TOOLS=$HOME/android-ndk-${NDK_VER}
- NDK_STANDALONE=$HOME/ndk-standalone-${NDK_VER}
- for arch in x86 x86_64 arm arm64; do python $MAKE_TOOLCHAIN --arch $arch --api 21
- for arch in x86 arm; do python $MAKE_TOOLCHAIN --arch $arch --api 19
--install-dir $NDK_STANDALONE/$arch; PATH=$PATH:$NDK_STANDALONE/$arch/bin; done
- for arch in x86_64 arm64; do python $MAKE_TOOLCHAIN --arch $arch --api 21
--install-dir $NDK_STANDALONE/$arch; PATH=$PATH:$NDK_STANDALONE/$arch/bin; done
- rm -rf $NDK_TOOLS
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