Commit 62755427 authored by Frank Denis's avatar Frank Denis

Always include the Accept: header in GET queries

parent a4f5e98f
......@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ func (xTransport *XTransport) Fetch(method string, url *url.URL, accept string,
func (xTransport *XTransport) Get(url *url.URL, accept string, timeout time.Duration) (*http.Response, time.Duration, error) {
return xTransport.Fetch("GET", url, "", "", nil, timeout, nil)
return xTransport.Fetch("GET", url, accept, "", nil, timeout, nil)
func (xTransport *XTransport) Post(url *url.URL, accept string, contentType string, body []byte, timeout time.Duration, padding *string) (*http.Response, time.Duration, error) {
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